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The 6 superdads of Nga

Now, there are many incredible moms in Nga, Laos. But, we want to take a moment to highlight a few dads who are taking action – with your backing – to challenge longstanding gender stereotypes and promote important social shifts.

Two fathers stand and smile, holding their babies on their chest with cloth carriers.

Not all heroes wear capes: some also wear baby carriers!

Meet a few of the superdads of Nga and see how your generous support is encouraging them to champion the gender equality movement, strengthening their family relationships and helping shape a better day for their children, and all children across Nga.

Xia fights for equal rights

“Prior to the work here, I had no ideas about the future – especially for my children,” shares local father, Xai.

“I participated in meetings and was inspired. I learned from them the spirit of sharing, because support has come from hundreds of miles away to our village to help. I also learned about equality, especially in education. Now I know that girls and boys have equal rights.”

Xai walks to collect water holding a jug and his young son’s hand. Xai holds his daughter and smiles as she eats sticky rice.

Xai walks to collect water with his son – a task often left to girls and women – and enjoys a prepared meal with his daughter, working to defy inequalities where girls are most likely to go hungry.

Today, thanks to you, Xai is committed to carve out a more promising path for his children.

“You have come here with new hope and improved my children’s education. I am very happy with the activities,” he reflects. “Hard work is ahead, but all of us are proud to prepare something for the younger generation.”

Thor boosts local health

Sadly, after being seriously ill and without the necessary resources, one of Thor’s sons passed away at the age of 8. Today, Thor’s committed to make sure that never again happens to one of his children, or any other child.

Thor smiles and ties a wooden beam on a structure, children gather and smile around him.

Here, Thor poses with his children and their friends as he helps make a repair.

With the support of Canadians, like you, Thor’s been taking part in community development activities that help improve local sanitation. This includes training on proper practices, and constructing vital facilities, like wash stations, at local schools.

“I like the toilet the most at school, we girls have a safe and private place for going to the toilet, clean and free from diseases,” says his 12-year-old son Chai. “I couldn’t imagine what the future would be for my children prior to Plan International commencing it’s work here,” says Thor. “Now, I am hopeful that one day my family will have a good quality of life.”

Nor pushes for new knowledge

“I told them [my children] to avoid quitting school they must pay attention on their lesson. My daughter didn’t want to quit so she studied harder and got a better grade,” explains Nor.

Nor kneels next to his smiling daughter and looks up at her with pride.

Now that’s what we call a proud papa!

And she isn’t the only one who’s motivated to learn critical new information. “I want to build a latrine for my family, but I don’t know how,” Nor told us. With your help he’s now one of many parents gaining invaluable tools and guidance to help improve his family’s health and hygiene.

Nor stands and smiles with his arms around his children.

Nor, with his happy crew of 5.

Bounmy builds a solid future

“When my parents couldn’t support my education, my dream was broken into pieces,” confides Bounmy, a local father and farmer who once dreamed of becoming an electrician.

Today, he’s determined to see his 3-year-old son, Anon, have the chance to live his own dreams, and you’re helping make that happen with a solid educational foundation.

Double panel: Bounmy carries lumber and sits and laughs with a group of parents.

Bounmy transports lumber to the pre-primary construction site and is an engaged participant in local trainings – that you make possible – which promote improved parenting practices and children’s rights.

“I have been involved in a series of meetings with Plan International staff and provided local materials for construction of the pre-primary school,” says Bounmy.

Soon Anon will have the chance to attend the preschool both you and Bounmy helped build – and both he and his son couldn’t be more excited. “I will love to go!” says Anon. “It will be fun!”

Peng makes time to take part

Peng stacks bricks at the school construction site and carries his daughter to her new classroom.

Peng, 24, is a young father of whose only daughter is now benefitting from local projects you helped fund, like the preschool she currently attends. Here, he helps load bricks for school infrastructure – laying the building blocks of a brighter tomorrow.

“We don’t have a lot of resources ourselves, but we can give our time and effort and help coordinate activities on the ground,” says Peng, eager to roll up his sleeves and chip in wherever he can.

“We helped carry construction materials provided by the project and are contributing by being sure to send our children to school!”

“I am happy to join whatever activities this project will conduct if I see that children and community members will benefit,” he adds, with enthusiasm.

Sava spends time taking care

Sava holds up his young son and smiles brightly at their home entrance.

Sava and his son.

With no daycare available, Sava spent his days juggling caring for his youngest son while also working in the rice fields – reducing his productivity and his son’s social development activities.

Thanks to your support, his son now attends an early education course, creating a better chance for him to learn and grow, and for Sava to yield more food and income for his family.

When asked the project he’s most excited for Sava didn’t hesitate to say: “the pre-primary course, which will help my son prepare better for primary school.”

Already, he’s seeing the positive outcome through his son.

“Yesterday, he came home and told me it was really fun at school,” says Sava. “There were games, singing, hand washing and snacks! He likes that,” he adds with a big smile.

Sue sets an example

Sue had to drop out of school in just the first grade, but you helped his 12-year-old daughter Pa, receive a scholarship, breaking this cycle of poverty. Now, he’s seeing to it that his daughter can make the most of every opportunity extended to her – and succeed.

A family of 7 smiles and poses together in their front yard in Laos.

Sue, Pa (holding her sister at centre) and the whole family stand outside their home.

“I went to the construction site to see how they built the school, and saw my father carry sand and rocks together with other villagers,” says Pa, impressed and touched by her dad’s initiative. “I learned that if we help each other, work can be done quickly and well.”

Like you, Sava’s proving that acts of kindness can and do inspire positive change that will ripple out to uplift even more lives.

You’re helping change the face of fatherhood across Nga, transforming gender conventions and encouraging a new day of highly engaged dads … and grandads!

A proud and happy grandfather smiles as he holds his little grandson in front of his preschool.

A grandfather picks his grandson up (literally!), after class at one of the new schools you helped build.

From Nga’s eldest fathers, to the newest dads, you’re motivating real, generational changes that can be seen throughout the community, and felt within families.

Today, parents like Peng, couldn’t be more grateful: “I feel very lucky that our community has received support and great opportunities from generous people” – generous people like you.


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