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Teachers take their turn in learning

It wasn’t just back-to-school for the students this year! Thanks to you, 5 teachers in Nga were trained in a two-week intensive program. This training gave instructors the chance to build their knowledge and skills in areas such as gender equality, child development, positive discipline, and child-centered teaching and learning approaches – all of which can benefit students.

And now that they’re newly-trained, they’re taking the picture of good education, and bringing it to life.

Teachers learned the stages of cognitive development from birth to pre-primary, and how to make learning accessible every step of the way.

 Cognitive Development drawing guide

One of several learning guides provided to teachers

They also learned the importance of physical activity.

Physical activity drawing guide

So now they’re integrating more time for play and exercise, ensuring both healthy bodies and minds.

 Children run and play outside.

Children play a game led by their teacher in the school yard.

Teachers were informed on the importance of proper hand washing and sanitation.

 Hand washing drawing guide.

So children now have the guidance and resources to put it to action, protecting their health!

 Children wash their hands and smile.

Children at the pre-primary use the new hand washing station you helped build.

Teachers also learned new techniques (like storytelling) to spark imagination and improve language skills – especially for ethnic students who are just starting to learn the Lao language.

 Circle story time drawing guide

Meanwhile, students gained new access to books and materials (donated by you!) to lead their own learning, and unlock new worlds through literacy.

  Book corner.

A reading corner that enthusiastic and engaged parents helped build at the school, themselves!

Now all of these tools and building blocks are coming together to help children learn and grow.

 Children sit at circle time and have a snack of fruit.

Children enjoy some nutritious fruit at snack time.

And ensuring teachers have all they need to take the lead so both they, and their students can step into a better day, and succeed!

 A smiling teacher walks outside at the front of the line with her class trailing behind her.

Thank you for empowering teachers and Nga’s future generation!

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