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Two young girls embrace at mountaintop, overlooking the hills of Nga Young girl smiling in front of blackboard

Project Overview

Community map of Laos

Country Offices Programme Unit

Empowering individuals and uniting communities: that’s the key to sustainable development and why community support is such an effective catalyst for change. Because of your support, great changes are coming to the people of Nga.

Your help will:

Improve the quality of education

  • Provide student scholarships and invest in teacher training, new school infrastructure, and learning materials like books and supplies
  • Offer pre-school and prep courses for children – particularly those that do not speak Lao, the language of instruction
  • Promote the importance of education to encourage enrolment in schools

Improve health and access to water and sanitation

  • Establish clean drinking water systems in schools, homes and at central community points, and train committees to maintain those systems
  • Equip schools with proper latrines and sanitation facilities, as well as educating students on how to improve hygiene and health
  • Help distribute nourishing food to children every day, through school-feeding programs

Enhance livelihood opportunities

  • Empower community members with skills and resources to carry out projects, run local services, and manage and maintain public assets – ensuring their long-term success
  • Provide care for younger children, enabling parents to focus on livelihood activities
  • Provide opportunities for elected youth to participate in valuable, compensated internships

Promote gender equality

  • Hold awareness initiatives – including teacher training – on the importance of protecting children’s rights and promoting gender equality
  • Develop various programs (like scholarships and establishing private gender-separate latrines at schools) to promote girls’ education and increase school attendance
  • Conduct sensitization efforts with parents to reduce child marriage and promote girls’ rights

Advocate to influence policy

  • Perform research and monitoring, and present policymakers with evidence-backed information to help update and improve current educational standards and practices
  • Open new lines of communication between youth, educators, leaders and government bodies to better collaborate, innovate and strengthen plans for an improved education system
  • Develop long-term strategies with schools so that even the most disadvantaged youth have the chance to access quality education

With the help of community supporters, the people of Nga, Laos are excited to work together to break the cycle of poverty, uplifting themselves and their entire community for generations to come!

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