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3 girls who got your scholarships

You’re giving some of the poorest children in Nga one of the greatest gifts of all: the chance to learn.

Thanks to your support, 30 children from local ethnic minority groups have received full scholarships to school. Working in collaboration with local teachers, community members and leaders, our staff identified the most at-risk, in-need children to receive a scholarship.

Meet a few of the special recipients:


Pa and Seng

Seng and Pa smile and embrace

Seng and Pa pose outside their home

Seng was unable to pay each of his five children’s school fees. His two eldest had already left school to marry, and his 10-year-old daughter, Pa, risked the same fate.

Now, thanks to your support, that’s no longer a worry.

“I am so happy I can continue my schooling rather than drop out. It is awesome that donors provided a scholarship to me!” says Pa, with a big smile.

“It is very meaningful to me and my family,” she adds.

Seng agrees: “It was very great news to hear,” he reflects with relief.


Ding and Souan

Two girls stand on a mountainside overlooking Nga, and smile.

Souan boils drinking water for his family

“I was told that if my father couldn’t earn enough this year, I would have to drop out to help work in the rice fields,” shares 10-year-old Ding. “I felt disappointed to hear that.”

“Each year, I have to think how we can earn money for our children’s schooling,” explains her father, Souan. “We mostly rely on selling items we forage, but it’s not enough money to cover medicine, school uniforms or learning materials like textbooks.”

This year, he didn’t have to make that difficult choice, thanks to you.

“I was so happy hearing my daughter was chosen. It is a great support. This year, we weren’t going to be able to afford Ding’s education. Now, thanks to the scholarship, she can stay in school,” he adds.

“It even freed income for my other children’s school costs. It is truly appreciated by my family.”

Ding sits at her desk and smiles, surrounded by happy classmates.

Ding, 10, in class.


Phone and In

“This project shows us how important education is for children and supports my daughter,” says In, a single mother widowed ten years ago. “The poverty circle would never be broken, without your support.”

In’s daughter, Phone, 10, also recognizes the significance of your assistance. “I am lucky enough to be one of the scholarship students. Without it, I could not have continued my schooling,” she says.

“It is the biggest improvement in my life. I feel thankful and am so proud to get that fund.”

In and her daughter pose together

In and her daughter Phone, 10.


Education and opportunities

“It is very transparent working with Plan International,” says Boua, one of the Village Chiefs. “The scholarship selection process was great. They guided the community to select children who really met the criteria, so the scholarships really help the poorest children.”

Village Chief, Mr. Boua.

Mr. Boua, a local Village Chief.

Some local children drop out because they cannot afford it; others are too embarrassed to attend school without proper materials, or must work at home to watch siblings or earn family income.

In addition to helping children successfully complete primary and transition to secondary school, the scholarships provide students with essential education supplies, and parents with funds to help offset the cost of being short a helping hand – making more income available for other family needs, so all can feel the benefits.

Since the distribution, local teachers have also reported that students are demonstrating greater investment in their studies: attending class regularly and actively taking part.

“This effort will help get children out of illiteracy and poverty, especially girls,” says Bounthieng, one of Nga’s primary school teachers. “They will get a better education and more job opportunities. These scholarship help brighten children’s futures.”

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