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The power of water

Imagine if you and your family didn't have access to clean water and you had to spend hours every day walking to a distant water source and back with as much water as you could carry – water that would very likely make you and your family sick.

That reality in Barouéli has taken a huge toll on families, especially on the health and survival of young children, and on the lives of girls and women who are often in charge of fetching water – a back-breaking labour that robs them of their opportunity to go to school and earn a living. That's the vicious cycle of poverty.

But with your help, that reality just changed. In the last three months, Barouéli has installed two new water pumps, including one at the local elementary school, and that means healthier children, more kids in school and more women who are able to work and support their families. That's the virtuous cycle of development and what your monthly sponsorship is supporting.

Clean water is life changing and its arrival is always a celebration. As with all our projects, the people of Barouéli took the lead to ensure that positive change is sustainable. They identified water as the top priority, provided the labour for construction, and took over ongoing management of the water source and community health promotion.

None of this would be possible without sponsors like you. Thank you for your ongoing generosity and partnership.

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