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What it takes to succeed

We must do everything we can to rid our village of illiteracy.” Sidiky, village chief

High-quality education is a top priority for development in Barouéli, and one that’s advancing well, thanks to your support and the hard work of community members who’ve been leading the effort on the ground.

Women like Korotimi in Barouéli are taking on leadership roles thanks to Plan Canada’s Community Sponsorship.

Construction of a second primary school underway

In addition to the new primary school and Early Childhood Development Centres that we told you about in previous updates, the construction of a second primary school is now complete, providing educational opportunities for even more children.

Here are the highlights of this successful community-led project:

  • A new primary school with three spacious class rooms, an administrative office, a clean water point, and a set of girls’ and boys’ latrines complete with hand washing stations
  • New desks and chairs for teachers and students, and a wide range of educational materials and equipment to stimulate learning
  • A safe, comfortable and enriching environment for 123 students
  • A School Management Committee comprised of community members, who led the construction and are now overseeing the school and all its programs.

As always, every aspect of this project has been managed locally, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the school, community pride of ownership, and widespread enrollment – especially among girls, who are often left out.

Women like Korotimi in Barouéli are taking on leadership roles thanks to Plan Canada’s Community Sponsorship.

Students are excited to learn in their newly constructed school

Indeed, it has been the members of the School Management Committee (including Korotimi who you met last winter), who’ve been at the helm of the outreach to parents. Following training at the outset of the project, they led the efforts to change local practices and convince parents, many of whom have not completed school themselves, that a high-quality education for their children is not only available now, thanks to Community Sponsorship, but is the best investment they can make in the future prosperity of their family.

It is thanks to these efforts that the uptake in enrolment, especially among girls, has been so successful. And it’s thanks to you that local people got the chance they’ve been eager for to help their children and community succeed.

Take a moment to catch up with Bako, and learn how he’s succeeding in leading his community to better health.

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