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The bounty of a school garden

Children standing in the school garden provided by Plan International.

Children are enjoying their new school gardens

Thanks to your ongoing support, a new school garden in Barouéli is providing nutritious food for students, as well as producing important benefits for the entire community.

Plan International provided Tingoni elementary school with materials, equipment and training for the creation and maintenance of a school garden. In addition to wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, hoes, and watering cans, the school received rolls of wire fencing, and seeds for planting a five-hectare garden that now produces potatoes, okra, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers – all of it under the care of a well-trained and dedicated group of teachers, students and community members.

The result is as fruitful and varied as the garden itself.

Students have access to better nutrition, and a better chance at learning, thanks to a meal program that makes use of the garden produce and improves attendance.

Even then, the school has produce left over for sale at the local market. This provides a source of income for continuously improving the learning environment for students, while also making a wider range of vegetables available at the local market.

The garden has been so bountiful, in fact, that the Tingoni school was able to share produce with the Early Childhood Development Centre, contributing a total of 182 kg of potatoes to the preschool’s meal program.

“We are very happy with this project, says Drissa, Chair of the school management committee. “In response to strong demand, we’ve added more space to the garden so that families have space to grow their own vegetables.”

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