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Project Overview

Community map of Mali

Country Offices Programme Unit

Because of your support, good changes are coming to the people of Barouéli. Together, we'll accomplish the following:

Improve water access and sanitation

  • Construct five central water points so all members of the community will have access to clean water that will not make them sick.
  • Provide wells to schools to improve the health of students and encourage school enrolment and attendance.
  • Build 14 sets of separate latrines at schools to offer privacy and properly dispose of waste and improve sanitation in the area.

Enhance education opportunities for children

  • Build six new classrooms and two new school offices, so students can learn in the best possible environment.
  • Provide furniture, classroom materials and training to teachers to help inspire them and in turn help them inspire their students.
  • Build two early childhood development centres and stock them with furniture, toys, games and outdoor play equipment. These centres will help prepare preschool children for school and encourage enrollment in school when the children are of age.

Improve healthcare and maternal health

  • Renovate and repair three health centres and stock them with life-saving medical equipment and supplies.
  • Train more than 130 health centre staff on managing childhood illnesses.
  • Provide training to more than 100 health attendants in basic emergency knowledge and obstetric and newborn care.
  • Launch a training program to help husbands on the importance of taking care of their expectant wives, their newborn babies and their children, and help them understand their part in the equation.

Educate the importance of gender equality

  • Train teachers in gender sensitivity.
  • Implement school management committees to encourage more girls to enrol in school and keep attending.
  • Help families get birth certificates for all children in the community, so girls as well as boys will have access to social, educational and political rights.


  • Plant trees in and around schoolyards
  • Train teachers to teach students about the importance of environmental protection

Your support will help the families and children of Barouéli access the tools they need to carve out a future brimming with possibility and hope. It's a long road ahead for Barouéli and its people, but together, thanks to your help, they'll get there.

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