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Progress fosters excitement and pride

It’s time again for another update from Barouéli, and thanks to your ongoing partnership, there’s much to report, not least of which is the growing sense of pride and excitement among community members.

“People are excited about Plan,” says Mamou, one local mother. “We have been taught things we did not know before, we are getting directly involved in projects, and we are better organized than ever. Plan has really helped us.”

Sidi, a local teacher agrees: “People feel appreciated. They are asked for their opinion before a project is carried out, and so they take part with joy and solidarity, which really helps these projects to succeed.”

With your support, Barouéli has made progress on critical projects over the last few months:

  • With a continuing focus on early childhood development, the construction of two new preschools is under way. Bricklaying has commenced, books have been selected for purchase, and local women have been trained as “Education Mothers” to help care for the children who will attend these new centres.
  • Also on the education front, improvements to a local elementary school have started, involving the construction of three new classrooms, an office and a block of gender-specific latrines. The purchase of furniture and vegetable seedlings is also underway for the school to ensure that students have a welcoming place to learn and grow.
  • Thanks to new water and sanitation systems, families are reaping big rewards. Access to clean drinking water has reduced the prevalence of water-borne disease, which is not only protecting the health of children and keeping them in school, but keeping parents at work and minimizing health expenditures, making it possible for families to save money and contribute to the local economy.

With so many positive changes taking place, the people of Barouéli have a new hope for the future and confidence in their abilities to lead their own development. As always, it wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you!

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