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Meet the Coulibaly family

Looking at the Coulibaly family you can see how our programs work to bring about real and lasting change.

Since the start of our Community Sponsorship in Barouéli, Yama and her husband Amadou have been enthusiastic participants in all the development projects that have been underway. They have taken part in community meetings on a wide range of issues, and have been engaged in programs to improve their family income and health and get all their kids in school (including their youngest who’s now enrolled at the new preschool.)

A family smiles at the camera

Yama and Amadou and their youngest child in front of their family home

“We have been empowered in different areas to improve the quality of life in our village,” says Yama, who sees it as a social endeavour. In fact, she says, that’s one of the most positive changes, that people now think more collectively. “We put the interests of the village and children first now and are more united.”

Amadou believes that families in the community are learning much that is improving people’s lives already.

“We have learned many things, from the role of sanitation in health and the bad effects of female circumcision to the importance of gender equality and ensuring that all children go to school.”

It’s this dialogue and sense of civic action that are so important for real change to take place. Sustainability is contingent on the leadership of local people, and not just the adults, either, but the children too, as the younger members of the Coulibaly family attest.

“I participate in community meetings and express my opinions,” says 13-year-old Yacouba, who is passionate about education. “Today in my village, parents think more about the education of children. Each parent knows the rights of their child so even the youngest now go to school.”

A family smiles at the camera

Yacouba (left) and Korotimi (right) are happy to be learning at school

Korotimi, who’s nine, says that while her favourite thing remains playing with friends after school, she’s an enthusiastic student whose drive is inspired by a sense of community as well.

“I like going to school and studying math especially,” she says. "I want to become a doctor so I can help sick people get better when I grow up.”

The Coulibaly family clearly illustrate how local people are the real drivers of change…for themselves, their families and their communities.

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