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Meet Sidi, a local teacher

Sidi in his classroom

We all know the difference a dedicated and inspiring teacher can make, not just to the quality of an education, but in the life of a child. Nowhere is that influence more needed, and more cherished, than in Barouéli, where children must overcome big challenges every day to get the education they deserve, and which they need to break the cycle of poverty.

With the help of our community sponsors who are committed to a better life for the children of Barouéli, we’re making that vision a reality by investing in local teachers like Sidi, a grade-three teacher who jumped at the chance to enroll in a Plan-sponsored training program so he could improve the quality of his instruction.

“The teacher training that Plan provided was incredibly meaningful for me as a teacher,” he says. “It improved my knowledge across so many disciplines. It was a shining example of Plan’s success at bringing good programs to our community.”

Sidi has gone far beyond teacher training to get involved with Plan’s projects to improve education in the community. He has become an active participant in community outreach and awareness initiatives, promoting the invaluable role that education and child rights play in development. He has also become a passionate advocate working to address the issues that are holding local children back from reaching their full potential.

Sidi strongly believes that everyone in the community must come together to improve the quality of children’s education. He says he is grateful for the investment that Plan is making in him, through training, better classrooms and better housing conditions, and looks forward to the new opportunities that these improvements will bring for teachers and students alike. More than that, he credits Plan for changing his life as a teacher and transforming his place in the community.

“Perhaps the most notable change,” he says, “has been the re-evaluation of teachers in their roles as educators. People now come to us for advice about what they need to do to succeed, and I feel very honoured about that.”

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