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Meet Bintou

Bintou poses for a photo in her classroom.

Bintou at school, excited to learn.

Children who are born into poverty often have no choice but to leave school to help support their family. The tragic result, of course, is that, denied their right to an education, children lose the best chance they have to break the cycle of poverty, and so do their families and communities.

But thanks to your sponsorship, thousands of children in Barouéli are getting a chance to reach their full potential – children like 12-year-old Bintou, who is not only excelling in grade six, but blossoming into the community leader she seems destined to become.

“Since Plan came here, I have participated in community meetings about the development of our village,” she says with pride, “and we have talked a lot about the importance of educating all children, especially girls and the youngest children.”

Thanks to the community outreach and engagement, which is central to all Plan programs, Bintou says that parents are more involved in local schools and think more about the value of educating all their children.

“Mothers now take even their youngest children to the preschool to learn with the Education Mothers,” she says.

Asked what has changed for her, Bintou thinks for a moment.

“I participate in meetings and tell everyone my opinion,” she says with a laugh. “Before, children couldn’t speak at community meetings. But today with Plan, we’re asked our opinions. I have spoken up, for instance, about the need to move the pond away from the school so that children are safe from animals.”

Thanks to your support of Community Sponsorship in Barouéli, you’ve given children like Bintou the chance to change their destinies for the better.

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