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Celebrating Barouéli’s accomplishments

Roughly 3 years ago, we set out to improve the lives of children and families across Barouéli, Mali – a community that struggled to meet basic needs due to a lack of access to crucial resources like clean water and quality education. Today, there is much to celebrate.

Thanks to your commitment and generosity, the community of Barouéli has made huge accomplishments and gains towards breaking the cycle of poverty and beginning a cycle of progress.

Children wave arms with a thank you sign in their classroom.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve positively impacted lives in Barouéli, since embarking on this process of change:


  • Constructed 2 early childhood development centres (ECCDs), the first in these communities, equipping them with learning and play materials to engage over 200 young children
  • Created 6 new classrooms, equipping them with furniture and learning material – including more than 360 books – sparking children’s engagement and resulting in increased school enrollment
  • Trained over 25 community members in teaching early education, providing school management and supporting local education
  • Provided educators with tools and training to promote and support girls’ education, such as methods for sensitizing parents to the importance of gender equality and girls’ schooling


  • Trained over 150 community health workers on maternal, newborn and child health, provided awareness sessions on women’s health and conducted home visits*
  • Enabled over 800 pregnant women to receive prenatal care, conducted checkups for more than 350 newborns and provided crucial vaccinations for over 650 babies*

Clean water, sanitation and environment

  • Implemented 3 central water points and 3 blocks of latrines*
  • Outfitted 1 primary school and 2 ECCDs with latrines and hand washing stations to support the sanitation of over 350 students
  • Planted over 330 trees for reforestation projects to protect school environments, in support of more than 470 students


  • Established and supported over 290 women’s village savings and loans groups, improving access to viable microfinance options in support of families and small businesses
  • Provided skills training in areas like agriculture and soap making for more than 300 women, supporting health and income generation for improved livelihoods
Children show off their new Plan-supplied school gear.

Throughout these projects local people, including children, came together to participate in the work – uniting to improve their own lives. Now, they’re dedicated to carrying on these initiatives to benefit generations to come.

A new, promising journey

Thanks to your generosity and support, the people of Barouéli now have the skills and tools they need to see to the continued success of these initiatives and are excited to keep growing and thriving. However, another nearby community is in need of the same opportunity.

With your help, we’re bringing new hope to the people of Kita, Mali and helping them look forward to a brighter future of their own. Learn more about what changes your Community Sponsorship will help make possible next, reaching even more families in Mali.

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These projects receive financial support from the Government of Canada through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).