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Building the future together

Educators, economists, and scientists agree that the first five years of a child's life are absolutely critical for their future development. For kids in Barouéli, where many struggle with poverty and lack of social support to complete even high school, getting a head start in these formative years can make all the difference to their future success.

Thanks to you and your monthly Community Sponsorship, Barouéli now has an Early Childhood Development Centre, which is not only providing a vital resource for children but a powerful symbol for the community that education matters.

Community involvement matters just as much, which is why local villagers have played a hands-on role in this project from the start. Before construction began, the local chief invited people out to a community meeting to discuss the plans. Excited, many came out – men and women, young and old, children and teachers – to meet with community leaders and the construction company to discuss next steps for the project.

There, families pledged to contribute to the building of the new centre, whether by volunteering their time and labour, providing water and food to the workers, or contributing construction materials for the build. Thanks to this communal effort, the Early Childhood Development Centre is now operating with three new classrooms and an office dedicated to educating children under six.

"I am a son of this village and I am very proud to participate in its development,” says Drissa, a local volunteer. “This work will allow the children to receive a quality education, and it is an honour to contribute to that.”

Sidi, a local teacher, says she has already seen a big impact: “Getting involved in building the school has really motivated parents to invest more in the education of their children. Not only are younger kids coming to school for the first time, but older children are now coming to school more regularly.”

By investing in early childhood education, the people of Barouéli are investing in the future of their families and community. None of this would be possible without your ongoing partnership and support.

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