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Build it and they will come

A new space to learn

A new space to learn

Access to education is a basic human right, and is one of the biggest factors in determining whether a child, family or community will live in poverty or thrive. That’s why, with your help, it’s one of our biggest investments in Barouéli.

Thanks to you, the community has completed one of its top priorities for education: upgrading the local elementary school.

Before now, temporary classrooms built in 1999 were unsafe and could no longer accommodate all the school-aged children nearby. Badly run down, the school lacked even basics like furniture, a water point, or girls’ and boys’ latrines. All of this created big obstacles to school attendance, especially among girls.

“Our parents were reluctant about sending girls to school,” says one grade-six girl. “But with the new classroom and girls’ latrines, many of my friends are now attending class every day.”

With your help, dozens of children are back in the classroom, rewriting their futures. In total, 72 girls and 48 boys are benefiting from this project, which includes three permanent and fully-equipped classrooms with desks, textbooks and learning materials, as well as a school office and a block of latrines, complete with a new hand-washing station.

The entire community came together to make this project happen. Parents, youth, teachers and neighbours provided labour, giving everyone a strong sense of ownership in the school.

“Our dream has come true,” says Diarra, a community leader and father. “The new classrooms attract more children, and they will always remember that they attended this school on their way to success.”

Today, Barouéli is one big step forward on the path out of poverty.

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