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Meet Mariam, an education mother

Mariam is a young mother in Barouéli who has already seen big changes in her community, thanks to your support.

"Plan is teaching us lots of useful things," says Mariam, "such as how to cook more nutritious food to keep our children healthy."

But the biggest change that Mariam has seen is with respect to education, especially since she became one of the community's first "education mothers."

"I was selected because I can read and write," says Mariam, who now works at Barouéli's new preschool. "We are teaching children their numbers and letters and getting them engaged in learning through song and dance."

Preschool provides an important head start for children in Barouéli, where most parents never had the chance for an education themselves. By getting families involved in early learning, we're helping the community make an important shift toward seeing education as the essential tool that it is for breaking the cycle of poverty.

As Mariam explains: "Parents are learning that education is important. If our children go to school, they will be able to earn a living."

In addition to early learning, we're promoting active, hands-on parenting to assist with childhood development.

"I am learning how to build better relationships with my children," says Mariam. "Before, I did not take time to play with my girls but now I know how important it is for them to have fun with their parents."

By focusing on the needs of young children, the people of Barouéli are building the foundation for a better life. This wouldn't be possible without generous sponsors like you.

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