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The journey has begun

Real and lasting change begins with people

Plan’s program coordinator looks forward to development in Kita, Mali through Community Sponsorship.

Ibrahima, Plan’s Program Coordinator, is excited about progress in Kita

We are so excited to be sharing our first update from Kita with you.

Thanks to your support, we’ve got projects underway in education, healthcare, nutrition, clean water and sanitation – all the community’s priority areas for development.

These investments are the key to unlocking the potential of Kita’s people, especially its children, to break the cycle of poverty and lead their own development for generations to come.

It’s a hopeful time. And already, real change is happening, not just because of all the work that’s taking place but because of who’s leading it.

“Children, families and the entire community are participating actively in their own development,” explains Ibrahima, Plan’s Program Coordinator for Kita.

“In the area of education, for instance, we’re helping organize groups of women, youth and students, to get involved. Similarly, we know that health, sanitation and child welfare benefit from trained community volunteers who form village committees and educate others.”

This is the heart of our approach at Plan, enabling local people to do it for themselves and to lead the effort from the very beginning. The next step is to assist these community groups to carry the projects forward, and there’s a lot planned.

“We’ve got the construction of 6 new elementary classrooms and 5 Early Childhood Development Centres,” says Ibrahima. “There are also medical visits coming up for children, as well as the rehabilitation of a Community Health Centre, the construction of a maternity ward, and the training of community health workers.”

Thanks to you, Kita is abuzz. Work is underway and everyone is involved. To see it in action, meet Kadiatou and her husband Kewoulen and get inspired by the leadership they’re bringing to their community’s development.

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