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Lifesaving solar power

When Issa first heard Plan staff and volunteers talk about the power of the sun in his community, he was curious to find what all the buzz was about.

He soon learned that a new solar power system would bring light, water and even better health to families like his in Kita. His imagination was sparked.

Portrait photo of Issa.

Issa became curious about the new solar power system, and set out to learn all about it.

The workers noticed Issa’s interest and encouraged his learning by inviting him to observe.

“I spend all my free time by those who are doing the solar power installations,” he told us.

Issa’s father, Diango, was also involved in the new initiatives surrounding a water storage system:

“The water storage runs through the use of solar energy and we have directed the water into the community so that people can access it from the water points,” he explains.

This means clean water can now reach children like Issa, and even the local maternity clinic, where it now flows, thanks to your support.

Issa drinks a cup of water from a tap.

All that studying can make a future electrician thirsty! Issa enjoys a fresh drink of water, made possible by solar power.

A new age: born through innovation

Water isn’t the only thing that solar energy is bringing to the Kita community.

“Our maternity clinic now has solar fridges to preserve the vaccines and the medications,” Issa shares with excitement – meaning more children can be immunized and effectively protected from disease.

The doctor stands with the new solar fridge.

Dr. Traoré poses with one of the new solar-powered fridges you helped provide.

Solar power has also brought new light to the maternity clinic, as well as other areas of the community – extending work and study hours and providing added safety.

“Solar electricity in our village changed our lives,” says Issa, adding “We can now do things at night.”

It’s difficult to imagine doing anything in complete darkness – let alone performing a major medical procedure. For health practitioners who previously had to deliver babies by the mere light of a flashlight or candle, as well as for women giving birth, electrical resources like lights at the maternity clinic have made all the difference.

Three nurses stand in front of lighting at the maternity clinic.

Nurses of the new maternity clinic pose in front of lighting fixtures.

Illuminating hope

The advent of solar power in Kita has also made all the difference for Issa, who hopes to one day study the field at a nearby professional learning centre.

“Thanks to Plan,” he says, “I want to be an electrician when I grow older.”

And, thanks to you, children like Issa are inspired and empowered to become innovators and leaders for this community – making all of Kita’s future truly bright.

A family of 5 smiles.

“Thank you” from Issa and his family.

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