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Sidy shows the importance of male support

Motivated by awareness activities that you make possible, Sidy is taking charge as a strong ally for equal rights in his community – starting with supporting the most marginalized.

"I am happy with the interest that Plan International attaches to our children and women,” he says.

As a father of 5, he’s been pleased to see how Community Sponsorship projects, like the new maternity centre, are putting families first by bringing better health for moms and babies. Seeing the positive impacts, he’s also inspired to ensure the new standards of care are upheld.

Sidy and his family sit together and laugh.

Sidy and his family.

“Knowing the centre is equipped is a satisfaction for me. We must invest in this center to facilitate the work of health personnel and benefit from the services offered for women and children. I have a moral responsibility for the good function of the maternity centre,” he pledges.

Through your sponsorship, Sidy’s also grown to become a passionate advocate against child marriage, not only protecting his daughter and her right to an education, but supporting the movement for all girls. Now, others are taking note.

“In our community, the populations are more and more aware of the need to put an end to the marriage of children and especially the need to keep girls in school,” he affirms.

Today, Sidy’s committed to improving children’s lives in every possible facet, across Kita.

“Community Sponsorship teaches us to protect the rights of all children. As parents, we must care for them when they are sick, send them to the school, enable girls to receive an education, and not take advantage of children for labour,” he says.

Influencing the next generation of boys and girls

Fousseyni smiles and looks into the distance.


Sidy’s nurturing attitude, combined with a positive outlook is rubbing off on his children, who are also getting involved in local health and rights-based activities.

“I was present when health agents of Plan International came to our community to discuss the maternity,” says his 14-year-old son Fousseyni.

“At the end of the meeting, I understood that pregnant women must receive consultations with nurses in order to preserve their health and the health of their child,” he adds, informed on how to help his community lead brighter futures in life’s coming chapters.

Much like his forward-thinking father, the improvements the centre has made for local families have also inspired Fousseyni to break traditional gender roles and pursue a career supporting such efforts, firsthand.

“With our new maternity, health is more secure. Now, I’d like to become a nurse and care for the sick,” he says.

Following in the footsteps of his dedicated dad, Fousseyni’s become a young family man, who values his siblings, equally: “I like being in our family, alongside my brothers and sisters.”

Split screen: a brother and sister stand and lean in the direction of one another.

Lean on me: Fousseyni supports his sister Fassere, and she supports him.

Sidy’s daughter and Fousseyni’s sister, Fasserre, 9, has also noticed a heightened respect for local women and children’s rights.

Even beyond her family, she’s begun experiencing benefits: “I’m in my fourth year of studies and see there’s no difference in the school between boys and girls. I have no more fear of travelling to school,” she says, now feeling safe and supported in her educational pursuits.

And, when asked where her favourite place to spend time was, Fasserre’s response illuminated the essence of what makes a community a community and a home, a home: the people within it.

“My favourite place is wherever our family gathers.”

Sidy and his family stand together, smiling

A true support system: supported by you, this family stands firm in their mission to strengthen their community, together.

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