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Where the Journey begins

Children working in a classroom Children working in a classroom

Project Overview

Community map of Mali

Country Offices Programme Unit

With your help, the people of Kita are getting the chance to improve life in one of the most undeveloped communities in West Africa.

With the ongoing and stable investment your sponsorship provides, Plan is working with local children, families, leaders and civic groups to put the basic building blocks of development in place so that community members can break the cycle of poverty for themselves.

What we’re doing

Through Community Sponsorship, we’re assisting Kita with a long-term plan for improving living conditions, along with strategic, sustainable investments in the key areas they’ve identified as priorities. These include:


In a community where only 25% of youth can read and write, education is a top priority. Local schools are in poor shape, which directly contributes to the low enrolment rates, so with your help we are investing in new training for teachers and the construction and renovation of schools – complete with kitchens, water pumps, latrines, furniture, teaching materials, and indoor and outdoor play equipment.

Maternal and infant health care

It’s hard to imagine, but 50% of all births here take place at home without a skilled health attendant. That’s why we’re training health workers and supporting the upgrade of local clinics with solar energy, obstetrics equipment, and birthing centres. We’re also improving child health through school-based vaccination, hygiene, and nutrition programs.


When 75% of mothers and young children are anemic, improving nutritional status is an urgent priority. We’re helping the community create monthly screening programs recovery centres, and nutritional education programs to ensure that no child is overlooked and every mother knows the signs of malnutrition and what to do about it before it compromises the health of her family.

Clean water

Severely inadequate access to clean water and sanitation makes children vulnerable to the leading causes of child mortality – hepatitis A, cholera and diarrhea – which is why we’re helping the community install water pumps, construct latrines and develop community-led sanitation programs, with a focus on water points at local schools and clinics.

None of this would be possible without your generosity and commitment. Thank you!

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