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One family, one shared passion for learning

Tiemoko and his family firmly believe in the power of a quality education. Now hear from children like Samakoun on how the new schools you supported are ensuring they receive one.

Two parents gather with their 5 children in front of a school, smiling.

Tiemoko and his family

As a father of 5 children, Tiemoko was one of the many Kita residents thrilled to share the good news: “We have finalized the construction of the school, which will now benefit the community!”

For years, new schools had been merely a dream for local families – now you’ve provided them with the opportunity to realize it.

“We have been very happy because it is a very long time that we wanted to have infrastructure for the education of children,” Tiemoko notes.

The youngest child in the family, Diobaly, 3, will now be able to begin his education at the optimal time by attending the new ECCD centre and accessing its resources, like puzzles, toys and learning materials. But even the older children are benefitting from the local school builds and improvements you’ve made possible.

“I am proud of the infrastructure benefitting children and am optimistic for their success in school,” shares Tiemoko – a pride and optimism his children heartily share.

Monian smiles at the camera.

Monian, 9, grade 3.

Nine-year-old Monian’s favorite subjects are calculation and dictation.

“When I will be great, I would like to be a doctor to care for the people,” she tells us, though she’s already committed to helping support health and safety in her school.

“I love the new classrooms built in our community. I now learn in a room built of durable materials and learned our school must be clean to be in good health.”

Samakoun’s favourite Community Sponsorship developments are the new schools and their proximity to home – a nearer location makes for a much easier commute, and more time to learn! It’s an advantage that’s already started paying off for her.

“The place that I love most in my community is the school. I like that it is close. I learned the multiplication table of 1 to 10 times, and I have learned to read books,” she says, beaming with pride.

Samakoun smiles brightly at the camera.

Samakoun, 12, grade 5.

Nankorian poses for the camera.

Nankorian, 15, grade 7.

Like his sisters, Nankorian – the eldest of the siblings – is also happy to attend a Community Sponsorship supported school. Yet, he feels most pleased with how the improvements will make schools more inclusive and help those whose needs were especially neglected: local girls, like his sisters, and young children, like his three-year-old brother.

“I am very happy with the new schools built by Plan International, for local children. Our community has new classrooms and girls have their own latrines and drinking water in school [so they don’t need to miss class to collect it for their families]. I have learned that we must take care to ensure that our small brothers and sisters can have their turn to learn.”

But it’s not just children feeling the benefits of the builds.

Children have supervised care and better health, meaning parents have less expenditures and more opportunities to work – resulting in added savings to reinvest in their families.

“There has been a reduction of diseases related to the water and improvement of the health of children with the organization of deworming and medical visits. I am in good health and spend less on family health expenses since we consume water from the drilling [which now also flows to the school],” says Tiemoko.

By participating in activities like the School Management Committee, community members like Tiemoko and his wife Maimouna, also have added skills to help see this initiative through.

“Thanks to the training on our roles and responsibilities, we understand that the good operation of our school depends on us,” he explains. “We learned to unite our forces in order to develop ourselves. Solidarity and a fraternal spirit are born between us.”

Stronger together

Your support has brought families like Tiemoko’s closer as they progress forward, together. It too has strengthened the bonds of mutual respect and collective support amongst the entire community – a community eager to combine the power of education with the promise of next generations, and excel.


“The presence of Community Sponsorship in Kita has been the source of a lot of change. Parents are informed about the rights of children, including education and avoiding marrying girls at an early age. Plan International teaches us to take into account the higher interest of children in everything we do for them.“ - Tiemoko, local father of 5 and ECCD volunteer


Thank you for bringing breakthrough developments to Kita. Your investment is helping children grow, learn and get the best possible start today, so that this community – and its families – can continue to grow, develop and thrive for tomorrow.

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