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New clinics in Kita

Without good health, little else matters.

In a past update you met Dr. Traoré and learned your investment was renovating a health clinic, while also building a brand new maternity centre in Kita. Today, the doors are open to both those new clinics and Dr. Traoré is proud to welcome new patients.

A doctor and nurse stand in front of their new health clinic

Dr. Traoré and a nurse welcome you to one of the clinics you helped make happen.


Follow along as Dr. Traoré guides you through the new health centres, and see the incredible ways you’re making a difference.

Before and after panels of a health clinic rebuild.

Before and after: an old clinic in Kita (at left), and one of the new health clinics (at right).

Previously, biomedical waste, like used needles, was not properly disposed of, posing a huge health risk. Now, not only do both centres have incinerators for proper waste management, but community health workers have been trained to understand risks and to operate and maintain the incinerators.

Before and after panels of a biomedical dumping site and a new incinerator.

Improper biomedical waste disposals (left) have vanished thanks to new medical incinerators (right).

Crucial infrastructure for proper sanitation, including ramp-accessible latrines and piped water, has also been established in the centres. The addition of these resources, including newly available (and especially vital) electricity made a big difference for patients.

Nurse displays new health equipment and supplies.

Through your sponsorship, medical equipment like examination tables, mattresses and supplies have been distributed to these two health centres

In Kita, half of all births occur in homes without a skilled healthcare worker present, part of the reason about 15% of all births result in infant mortality. But the availability of clean water, a comfortable bed and important medical supports can provide added incentive for pregnant women to attend clinics and receive the quality care they need.

A woman lies in bed with her newborn.

This woman’s smile says it all. She attended the new maternity clinic and delivered a beautiful, healthy baby just hours before this photograph was taken.


Through your generosity the children and families of Kita can now access improved health services and supports – making the availability of healthcare one less thing to worry about.

Children celebrate in front of new health clinic.

On behalf of the many children and families who will continue to benefit from better health services: thank you!

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