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Meet the Children of Kita

Smiling children outside of a classroom Smiling children outside of a classroom

Meet some of the children who are getting the chance at a better life, thanks to your sponsorship. With your support, they are at the centre of a community-wide effort to give them access to quality education, health care, protection and a chance to reach their full potential.


Dali, age 8

Bubbly and bright, Dali is an affectionate girl who says what she loves most in life is her family and community.

“And the different festivals we have here,” she quickly adds with an infectious smile.

Nurturing that spark and potential in kids like Dali is at the heart of our work. Among the many projects under way, kids are learning how to protect themselves from illness through sanitation and hygiene practices, like hand washing, which has become especially relevant in recent months as communities in Mali have responded to the heightened risk of the Ebola virus.


Mady, age 10

In Mady’s village, education has not been a priority.

“Boys help their fathers in the fields,” explains Mady, “and girls help their mothers at home.” But, he says, now that development is under way, “I hope that all children get to go to school and mothers are able to work outside the home.”

Already, Mady says he has noticed positive changes taking place for children.

“Before, we could not talk in front of the adults. But now everyone asks our opinion.”

Fanta, age 9

Fanta is on a mission to improve the lives of those around her.

“I am in the third grade and my favorite subject is reading,” she says. “I would like to become a teacher to help children and people like my mother who never got the chance to learn how to read and write. I want my entire village to be literate.”


Mamissa, age 9

Mamissa wakes up each morning at 6:30am to help her mom fetch water, a laborious task we hope to reduce over time with new water points. After this arduous chore, Mamissa goes to school, which she loves. And while she still does chores when she returns home, she gets more time for homework and even play, if the sun’s still out.

“Now lots of parents are sending their children to school and are kinder to them,” she says


Mamadou, age 8

It’s hard to say what the future holds for Mamadou. On the one hand, this ambitious second-grader says he loves math because “it will allow me to count my money.” On the other, he dreams of being a policeman, “to stop the wicked people who steal livestock or hit children.”

For now, Mamadou is an outstanding student and a great soccer player who enjoys playing with his friends as much as he can.

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