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Kita, Mali: a community on the rise!

In Kita, Mali, “normal” used to be children denied access to education, mothers and newborns denied access to critical health care and girls denied equality.

But that was then.

Welcome to the new and improved Kita: a place where education and health come first so all girls and children can realize their rights and achieve their full potential!

See firsthand how dedicated community sponsors like you and the hardworking people of Kita have created a new normal that’s better than ever:

The whole community has rallied together to bring these improvements to life…

  • Over 800 students are attending three newly built and refurbished schools and seven early childhood development centres.
  • With electricity and improved access to water and sanitation, these learning facilities are safe spaces for children to learn and play, anytime of day.
  • And with gender-separate latrines, hygiene kits and over 14,200kg of nutrient-rich food provisions – these schools are equally crucial for children’s health as they are for their education.
  • A learning facility in the final stages of construction.

    Before: Happy to contribute their time and efforts, community members worked hard to complete construction of a new learning facility you helped fund.

  • : A class stands in front of their new learning facility with thank you signs.

    After: these students are so happy with their new learning facility!

Thanks to your sponsorship, better health is opening opportunities for the people of Kita to live better, fuller lives.

“Since the construction of the borehole here, the number of illnesses has diminished,” says Lala, a committed community member who is now benefiting from water, sanitation and hygiene trainings and kits, which you made possible.

A mother, baby and nurse sitting in the maternity ward.

“The maternity ward really helped our village,” says Sabou, mother to a happy and healthy baby who was born in the new maternity ward with the assistance of Batou, a trained health care worker.

Over 1,300 people have been educated on the importance of maternal, newborn and child health. Now more family members are involved in child care, which is both challenging traditional gender roles to improve gender equality and giving children the best possible start to a happy future.

In fact, over 1,600 students received health care visits at school and over 750 children have been vaccinated! And more girls and boys are getting the nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong at six community spaces that promote nutrition and education.

A happy family sits together for a family picture.

Finally, 90 women have received vocational training in the making and selling of soaps, giving them autonomy and additional money for their children’s healthy meals and schools supplies.

At a vocational training session one woman cuts bars of soap from a large block.

These entrepreneurial women defy traditional gender norms – taking their futures into their own hands with handmade soap enterprises.

Your sponsorship is helping the people of Kita Defy Normal and create a stronger community where all children and girls can be healthy, educated and live to their fullest. Thank you!

A young girl smiling brightly in class.

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