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Investing in community health

Poor health takes a huge toll on children, families and communities in developing countries like Mali, fueling the cycle of poverty and begetting more illness in a negative feedback loop that’s very hard to break.

Thanks to you, Plan is working with community members in Kita, to stop that cycle with some strategic investments.

The construction of a water point

Once completed, this new water point will bring peace of mind to families.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Together, clean water and sanitation have an enormous impact on public health. That’s why, with your help, Kita has been heavily investing in these areas. Current projects include the drilling of a new water point at a primary school, and the construction of latrines and hand washing stations at two health centres.

A woman washes her hands at the maternity site that is being rehabilitated

Hygiene and sanitation campaigns are vital to improving health in Kita.

Child health campaigns

School-based vaccination and parasite treatment programs have reached over 750 children so far, eradicating the blight of multiple diseases that undermine growth, nutritional status and even intellectual development, while creating barriers to learning and school attendance.

In addition, medical visits to two primary schools attended by over 110 children resulted in the diagnosis of 70% of those students with simple malaria, 58% with intestinal parasites, and 32% with pneumonia. These children have since been referred to nearby health centres where they can receive treatment and care.

Investing in local health clinics

Construction is underway for the rehabilitation of a health centre and a brand new maternity clinic, both with latrines and piped-in water systems. Already, a vast array of medical equipment and supplies has arrived for these and three other clinics, including a solar refrigerator to maintain the cold supply chain of vital medications and vaccinations.

Together, these projects are helping the community address some of the biggest challenges faced by families in Kita.

“What’s impressed me most,” says Boly, one of the many local health staff involved in this work, “is how much Plan is taking our opinions into account. They help us identify problems and find solutions; nothing is imposed, everything is done with respect.”

Portrait of a local health volunteer

Boly, a local health volunteer, is proud to take part in this project.

That goes to the heart of our approach and it’s the key to the effectiveness and sustainability of all of our projects in Kita. Take a moment to catch up with Ramata and Mamadou and meet the newest addition to their family.

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