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How equal health rights
uplift all

Gender equality is important in all aspects of life – especially regarding the right to health.

For too long, gender inequalities in developing communities like Kita have infringed on the rights of girls and women, denying them access to proper health care and even threatening their lives.

Today, your sponsorship is making a change. By ensuring that everyone in Kita, male or female, has the opportunity to protect their own body and wellbeing, you’re helping give everyone a chance to thrive.

You’ve helped initiate numerous awareness activities like radio broadcasts, leader trainings and public discussions, reaching more than 1,500 people with critical health information.

This vital support gets to the heart of health issues by fostering new understanding and confidence – ensuring that resources, like clinics or supplies, are not only available to all, they’re also being effectively used to inspire meaningful and lasting change for the entire community.

Hear from local fathers Mami and Mamadou as they highlight a few key impacts taking effect in Kita:

Mamadou and his family sit together and smile.

Mamadou and his family.

Uniting against FGM

Local Plan International awareness activities are pushing forward major shifts in mindsets, and it's helping end harmful practices that violate girls' human rights -- like female genital mutilation (FGM).


"Before FGM was a taboo subject in our village. Today, thanks to Plan International led efforts, people understand that it is harmful." -- Mami, local father

"Plan International has changed mentalities. We now understand that the ancestral practice of FGM on daughters is contrary to their right to health and protection and the community has abandoned the practice." -- Mamadou, local father

Mami and his family sit together and smile.

Mami and his family.

Improving maternal health

By encouraging attendance to the local maternity, as well as the support of male partners, you’re helping ensure that women receive care from skilled health professionals before, during and after pregnancy, as well as during births. Together, this is empowering new parents and achieving healthier starts for babies.


“The big change Plan International has made in our community development is the new maternity. Now, women have a safe place to give birth where they and their privacy is respected. Today, community members have such confidence in the centre that there is no home birth.” – Mami


Promoting family planning

Messages and knowledge you’re helping share is breaking stereotypical gender roles, so women not only have equal say in their health – they’re being looked to as family leaders.


“My wife has participated in a few talks organized by Plan International on health and has well understood the importance of these meetings. She has informed me that it is very important to space out births in order to enable both women and children to enjoy good health.” – Mami


Uplifting the community, by uplifting one another

Collectively, these efforts are transforming the community, revealing that gender equality – especially with regards to health – benefits all. To see what it’s meant to local women, we reached out to Hawa, a mother and now actively engaged community member.


“Before the arrival of Community Sponsorship, the opinion of women and children was not taken into account. Now, through awareness sessions on the rights of women and children, we also have the right to speak,” she shares, happy to contribute and carve a life of her own choosing.

Hawa stands proudly and smiles.



Perhaps Hawa says it best by sharing a local saying of the community members: “A single finger cannot pick up a pebble – if the fingers are not put together, it is not possible to lift the rock … We work together hand-in-hand so that we can succeed in the mission entrusted to us,” she says.


Thank you for lending your hand, and being a part of making change possible!

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