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Getting involved in delivering change

Doctor Troare in a clinic while treating a female patient

Dr. Traoré is excited about the future in Kita.

Dr. Traoré works at the local health centre in Kita and is no stranger to the devastating effects of poverty on women and children. That’s not surprising in a region where half of births take place at home and clinics like his are chronically underfunded and ill equipped.

But, excited to learn about Plan’s arrival in his community, Dr. Traoré quickly became an active participant in our programs.

“Plan’s goal is to help bring this community out of poverty, and health is a big part of that,” he says. “To work, study or do anything, one must first be healthy. This Community Sponsorship is a boon to the families here because it aims to improve access to high-quality health care.”

While Dr. Traoré is an obvious fit to get involved in our local health initiatives, he emphasizes (and we agree) that everyone in the community is playing a role.

Like him, many participated in the launch ceremonies held for the Community Sponsorship and then in a range of planning workshops, awareness sessions and meetings where they got the chance to be heard, take on roles and sign up for programs to help carry out the community’s development initiatives.

“We’ve been establishing committees, and people have been volunteering their time and labour for different projects. They’re involved in everything, from education and child protection to health and hygiene.”

What we know, and what Dr. Traoré has seen first-hand and in just a few short months, is that by building the capacity of local people and giving them the tools to lift themselves out of poverty, development will happen, and it will be rooted, real and long lasting.

“With Plan, people are excited because their views are taken into account and they are involved directly in projects. They feel responsible and valued and that has led to a rebirth of our community spirit.”

Take a moment to meet some of the children who, like Dr. Traoré, have become much more engaged and enthusiastic citizens since development got under way.

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