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Fanta fights to end child marriage

Fanta is a member of Kita’s Community Sponsorship-funded Association of Mothers of Students – known locally as the “Education Mothers.” She’s also a fierce advocate for ending child marriage and passionately works to protect and promote every child’s right to learn, lead, decide and thrive.

We sat down with Fanta to find out what motivates her and how – when backed by your support – efforts like hers are helping forever change things for children, and her community. Here’s what she had to say on…

Joining the movement:

Portrait of Fanta, smiling.

Fanta, a fearless leader for girls’ rights

We were a dozen women taking part in this project, and we are very satisfied because it will support women and children. My motivation is to allow children to learn in good conditions and I feel especially motivated in the support of girls. Personally, I grant more and more importance to girls’ education because I understand they have as much of a right as boys.

Spreading the word:

For too long, women have been victims of our society and customs. It must be that our girls arrive to have a better life than their mother. I can no longer accept to see a daughter leave school to be given in marriage.

Through outreach activities, Plan International helps us make parents understand the importance of girls’ education. We educate parents not to withdraw girls from school or give them in marriage.

We, the members of the Association of Mothers of Students, we are fighting for all the community girls to go to school.

Changing the story:

Since the beginning of the project, I have felt cohesion is returned in the community. Each family is doing its best and girls are no longer withdrawn from school to be in marriage, and have more time to concentrate on their studies because they are not used in domestic work.

Before the arrival of Community Sponsorship here, women and children were not entitled to participate. Today, both have their say in decisions concerning them.

By giving everyone the possibility to express themselves, community sponsors have enabled us to break the marginalization that victimized women and children. People are happy to learn how to satisfy the rights of all children and prepare them for the future.

We have a saying that “when thou givest the chance for a woman to be considered, thou entrusts education to a family, a village or even a country.” Today, I know that girls and boys have the same rights and I am fighting for that to be respected.

Seydou is a local father proving that Fanta’s work is having positive effect:

Portrait of Seydou.
“Plan International attaches great importance to the education of girls. Thanks to the training, I understood that the rights of women and girls are often not respected, and now have a different way of considering my wife and daughters. I lead awareness on the rights of girls and preventing child marriage.”

Seydou’s daughter, Foune, 13, has seen this shift take shape in her own life, and is now inspired to make it happen for more girls:

“I go to school with my friends and am no longer very tired in my courses because my household chores have decreased. I would like to ensure we do not withdraw girls from school to give them away in marriage. I would like all children to go to school and for girls to remain there as boys do.”


Thank you for supporting Fanta, Seydou, Foune and all of Kita, in the important quest to end child marriage.

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