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Breaking new ground, together

There’s something in the air in Kita. You can feel it: a sense of hope and palpable excitement that real change for the better is possible.

You can see it too, of course, in the work that’s underway, and in the purpose and pride animating local people who are putting everything they’ve got into creating a better life for themselves and their families and community.

Right now, a great deal of that work and excitement is focused on the construction of new early childhood development centres – a community-led project and potent symbol of Kita’s new commitment to investing in the power and potential of their children to bring about lasting change.

People of all ages, genders and roles within the community have come together to make this project possible, contributing labour and local resources to erect the new school.

"Today is an historic day for our village,” said the village Chief at the project’s groundbreaking event, capturing the feelings of the hundreds of people who came out to celebrate the launch. “Our joy is indescribable!”

When it was time for the work to begin, everybody pitched in. Inspired crowds of men and women came out – arriving with shovels and wheelbarrows to help dig the foundation, or making multiple journeys to fill jugs of water for cementing bricks and keeping workers hydrated. Even the village Chief provided meals for volunteers as a token of his appreciation and to encourage the efforts.

Community bricklayers help build the new school.

"In our village, we have qualified bricklayers who are doing the work instead of masons from other communities. This is beneficial for the bricklayers who will improve their craft, as well as for community participation and decreasing costs,” says Tiemoko, a Plan community volunteer.

Bricklayers smile and work together.

Local youth were eager to lend a hand in support of their community!

Despite the challenges of the rainy season, Plan staff and community members are determined to keep the project on track. Plan-donated materials have already arrived for the school and classrooms, including games, toys, chairs, desks and play equipment, such as swings, and children are very eager to occupy their new learning space and take advantage of these exciting new resources and opportunities!

But even before the construction is complete, it’s evident just how much this initiative is already contributing to Kita and its people: community bonds are stronger, new skills are being honed, and neighbours are uniting to join forces and make it all happen. Together they are embodying the pride of ownership that lies at the heart of sustainable development, which will carry this community, and the next generation, forward.

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