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A stronger safety net for the Coulibaly family

Thanks to you, the Coulibaly family has a new safety net to fall back on, and it is providing both protection and financial security.

After participating in a local savings and loans association that you helped form, mother of 5, Sountougoumba received income support, as well as lifesaving information for her family.

The family of 7 sits together and smiles.

The Coulibaly family, back in 2015.

“There are changes occurring in our lives. I participated in awareness sessions on hygiene and sanitation and the health of women and children,” she says, adding that she “learned how to protect against diseases,” – a danger that plagued her family in the past.

“Before we were faced with certain diseases in children such as malaria,” she explains. “Now, thanks to the information I received during talks with Plan International staff, I give more attention to the health of my children and they fall sick less.”

The Coulibaly family.

The Coulibaly family, pictured today.

But it isn’t just know-how that Sountougoumba has taken home. Now she can afford critical household resources like bed nets for her family, and they can sleep sound knowing they’re no longer at risk of contracting disease from infected mosquitoes.

“We all sleep under insecticide-treated bed nets to protect us against mosquito bites,” she shares, relieved that her children can now avoid malaria – a leading killer of children under 5.

Through your generous sponsorship, Sountougoumba has more control over her family budget, and their health – opportunities that have been mutually beneficial.

“Now our children suffer less and we spend significantly less for the purchase of medicine,” she says, proving that preventative measures can make all the difference.

Sountougoumba smiles and prepares food for her family.

Sountougoumba is a proud grain-gatherer for her family.

Today, Sountougoumba sees a marked change – not only in their lives – but in outlooks all over Kita.

“Since Community Sponsorship there is a lot more cohesion between women through the VSLA groups because of mutual assistance and more opportunity,” she says, explaining the strong bonds you’re helping form.

“We, the women, now come to invest in the purchase of medicines or school supplies for our children,” she says with pride. “Men are relieved because they can rely on us to help meet the family’s needs.”

Setting an example

By passing along her lifesaving knowledge and playing a stronger role within her family and community, Sountougoumba is showing her children – especially her young daughters, Mamissa and Dabi – they can take ownership of their futures and accomplish great things. And they’re excited to be part of a new generation of empowered, healthy girls.

“We learned the sources of disease for children as well as adults and how to avoid falling ill,” says Mamissa, 7. “Me and my sister Dabi help my mother clean the house and wash before meals,” she adds.





“I participated in Community Sponsorship medical visits and also participated in the cleaning of the school,” shares Dabi, 10, who’s inspired to use her knowledge to benefit others and enrich her community – just as her mother has.

“We must be in good health to be able to study… and I’d like to become a teacher to help other children learn,” she says, showing you’ve provided even more than a safety net: you’ve set in motion a whole new cycle of change.

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