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Kita embarks on a new era of change

Today, everyone in Kita, Mali is welcoming a new era of prosperity where all can harness their full potential – a new era made possible with your help!

Since 2014, community sponsors like you have helped implement projects to enhance education, equality and economic expansion in the community for years to come. Now, the children and families of Kita claim the key to unlock their own, powerful future. And they couldn’t wait to say thank you:

Before your generous support reached Kita, it was normal for children to suffer from a host of health problems, like malnutrition and water-borne diseases. It was also considered normal for girls to be out of school and be left behind. And most women couldn’t enjoy the same health care and financial opportunities as men.

But with you and Community Sponsorship by their side for the past years, everyone in Kita has had the chance to Defy Normal and create a far more promising reality, for all.

“I have always informed the community that we will one day be rewarded for our efforts,” says 62-year-old Faraba. “Today, time has proved me right because our dreams have become a reality.”

With your support:

  • Boys like 11-year-old Diangoba are healthier than ever!

     A boy using a handwashing station.

    “Now, I have no more diarrhea because I drink water from the borehole. Health workers have also dewormed the children.”

    • 28 hand washing stations were built or donated to health and early childhood centres across the community to boost hygiene.
  • Girls like 8-year-old Mamissa are enjoying their equal right to education!

    Two girls and a boy happily share a desk in a fully-stocked classroom.

    “My favourite place in our village is school because there we learn new things and I have friends.”

    • 10 learning centres have been equipped with books, desks, toys, food provisions, outdoor play structures, electricity and more!
  • Women have improved access to jobs and health care

    big family, mother holds her baby

    “Thanks to the awareness activities, all women go to health centres for consultations. Today, no birth is done at home.” – Lassine, local father

    • Over 350 women have received diverse skills training on areas ranging from cooking, to health work to soapmaking.

Such a powerful community-wide transformation is only possible thanks to community sponsors like you who help empower every child and family to come together and climb to new heights.

While your contributions continue to help communities around the world, Kita embarks on its own path toward prosperity – one you helped pave so all can harness their rights and potential to thrive. And now, there is no doubt they’ll continue to drive the positive change forward, for many years and generations to come.

Like local father Diango says, “For having brought this project and the joy of living: we thank you very much!”

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