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A family finds the power of nutrition

In the past, Godi and his wife, Sira, have struggled to provide enough food for their growing family of 7 – a challenge anywhere in the world, but especially in the developing country of Mali. Here, agriculture is unreliable, resources are limited and nearly 30% of all children are underweight.

“Given the size of our family, it can be difficult to meet the needs of all children because we are dependent on what we earn in the field.”

With a limited source of livelihood they were unsure how to help their children thrive. Now, thanks to your support, they’re harnessing the power of healthy foods.

A photo of Godi and his smiling family.

Sira and her husband, Godi, with their children (from left) Oumar, Hawa, Makan, Assita and Fanta.

“My daughter has benefited from meals from the culinary demonstrations that Community Sponsorship organized.,” says Godi. “This helped me understand that the nutrition and rights we offered to children were not sufficient.”

Portrait of Oumar

Oumar, 8, Grade 2.

Godi and Sira also learned how to identify and prepare locally grown, nutrient-rich foods – a skill that will help them prevent malnutrition and illness, while reducing both their food and medical related costs.

“It was undermining their health and led us to make expenditures for medications. Today, I realize our own products, such as beans, give children nutritional value,” he says happily.

Beyond just feeling the benefits, their children also took part in the process.

Eight-year-old Oumar attended some of the training sessions, gaining insight and life skills.

“I was present when our mothers were together preparing to cook for our little brothers and sisters. They must eat well to be in good health,” he says, assured of his new knowledge.

Portrait of Fanta.

Fanta, 11, Grade 4.

Oumar’s older sister, Fanta, 11, also learned something as she joined along.

“I led my sister Hawa to the culinary demonstrations. I have learned that we must eat well to be in good health,” she says.

She’s also taken note that new developments, like the ECCD meal program, are encouraging young children to get out, get active and grow strong.

“Before, our young brothers and sisters had remained in the house. Now with the opening of the centre, they do not remain at home: each morning, they go to the center to learn and have fun.”

Thank you for helping families flourish

Through your support, parents are empowered to better support both themselves, and their children – nourishing them today, so they can take on tomorrow

The family sits together, embracing and smiling.

This family is fuelled to take on the future, together.

“Plan International is there for the well-being of children, and teaches us things related to their good development,” says Godi. “Community Sponsorship empowers parents on their roles in this development.”

And, if you were to ask any child how these changes make them feel, they’re sure to tell you the same thing Fanta told us: “I am very happy.”