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A better life

We first introduced Mamadou and Ramata when our Community Sponsorship project began in Kita one year ago. In that short time, the family has already seen many positive changes in their lives.

Mamadou, Ramata and their children

Ramata, Mamadou and their children, including a new addition, Adama.

“Our school has books, our classroom has electricity, and there is drinking water in our village,” says fourteen-year-old Moussa. He adds, “Plan provided improved stoves for my mom that don’t use as much wood.”

Portrait of a young boy

Moussa, the eldest child, says his favourite place in his community is at home with his parents.

In addition, Ramata enrolled in a Plan-supported savings and loan association, which has is helping to increase her income.

Another big change has been the arrival of baby Adama, who has been a joyous addition to the family. With improvements to health underway, his odds of surviving and thriving have improved substantially in a community where infant mortality rates have traditionally been very high.

Mamadou and his children in front of their home

The family sits in front of their home with their new addition

“Before, the children suffered frequently from sicknesses,” says Mamadou, “but now we use clean water and our health has improved significantly.”

Ramata agrees: “The priority I now place on sanitation and hand washing has reduced illness among our children.”

Yaya, the second eldest after Moussa, has been one of the family’s strongest advocates for handwashing, drawing on everything he’s learning at school about the importance of hygiene and sanitation.

“I know that hands have lots of bacteria so we must wash them properly to stop the spread of sickness and diseases like Ebola,” he says.


Yaya has a better future, thanks to your support.

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