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8 ways you’re bringing total care to classrooms

Growth cannot happen without learning, so it makes sense that schools would be at the core of development.

See how you’ve not only helped improve quality of education in Kita, but created superschools that have become community hubs at the heart of change:

1. Establishing a solid foundation

You helped build yet another preschool, giving an added 60 children, including 39 girls, the chance to learn and grow under the guidance and leadership of three fully-trained “education mothers.”

“Before the creation of the school, the children went to study in a neighbouring village about 5 km away,” says Bourama. “Even still, these classrooms were made of bamboo covered with straw. The new constructions have improved the conditions for the students.”

A group of young children clap with their teacher outside their newly built school.

In turn, the spaces boost student participation and give parents the gift of added time and peace of mind:

“Parents are now free to devote themselves to other work because they know children are in a safe place and children are more enthusiastic to return back to the centre,” says Mamadou, a local father and leader.

2. Adding the building blocks of growth

You helped provide over 290 books on subjects like science, history, math and geography, as well as brand new geometry sets!

 A group of children happily cheer in class after receiving new books from donors

Three cheers for new chances to learn, thanks to you!

"Today, our children have benefited significantly from the new classrooms – they have a lot of books!” says local father, Lassine.

“My favorite subject is reading,” says Lassine’s smiling 11-year-old daughter Mariam, already cherishing the newly-available supplies.

Two men install solar rooftop panels.

Plan International staff and a community volunteer set up solar panels you helped make possible, shining a spotlight on local schools.

3. Sparking bright minds

With your help, electricity is now illuminating 3 schools, and lighting up a love of learning!

“Since the school has been electrified, children are even more encouraged to learn their lessons,” says one father, happy to see added safety, as well as more hours in the day available for study.

4. Helping fresh opportunities flow out

Refurbished boreholesare now pumping clean water to local schools, thanks to a water extension project, that you made possible!

“Plan International not only electrified our school, we also have drinking water thanks to the castle of water!” says Mamissa, 13, one of the many youth excited to now grab clean water at school, helping keep her healthy and in class.

Triple panel: children use a water pump, cheer beside new basins and supplies and wash their hands at the new stations.

Children at a “castle of water” (water tower), as well as celebrating – and using – new hygiene supplies.

Additionally, you helped provide 3 schools with hygiene kits of cleaning products like kettles and pails – collectively ensuring safe water is not only close at hand, but being used for proper sanitation (like hand washing and latrine maintenance), reducing the spread of disease.

5. A new day of nourishment

“Plan International has given a lot of food to children,” says 9-year-old Diango, who is in Grade 3 at the local primary school. And it’s true – with thanks to you!

Through your Community Sponsorship, 6 preschools were stocked with nutrient-rich foods, including:

  • 300 kgs of rice
  • 300 kgs of millet
  • 200 kgs of peanuts
  • 200 kgs of corn
  • 200 kgs of peas
  • 150 kgs of sugar
  • 25 kgs of salt
  • 60 litres of oil
  • 4 boxes of macaroni.
Double panel: women cook in the playground. Children eat at outdoor picnic area.

Education mothers cook up hearty food thanks to nutrition efforts you help fund, fueling some of the youngest minds.

6. A safeguard for the future

You helped protect children’s health by organizing:

  • Medical visits across 3 schools and 6 preschools
  • Parasitic treatment for 859 children
  • Facilitation of vaccinations for over 750 children under the age of 5.
A doctor gives a child, standing with their parent, an important vaccination.

A mother accompanies her child as they receive a crucial vaccination from a skilled healthworker.

“Thanks to deworming and medical visits, children are in good health and the parents spend less in the purchase of medicines,” explains Mamadou.

7. Bringing discovery and play to the every day

When children are healthy, they too can – and should – be active to help stay that way! That’s why your support brought brand new learn and play items, like: dolls, small cars, play kitchen utensils, traditional musical instruments, skipping ropes, puzzles, building blocks and dominoes, as well as full playground structures including outdoor slides, swings and merry-go-rounds – (merrily) fostering social development!

Double panel: children play on construction equipment like swings, as well as with toys outside.

Your contributions are helping local children enjoy fun-filled recesses – a chance every child should have.

Double panel: Plan International staff paints an animal on the wall; a teacher points to the murals as children cheer.

A community member provides support in painting a mural – a simple, artistic teaching tool very well-received by its critics!

Where some see walls, others see opportunity: inspired by trainings on effectively nurturing early education, community members opted to enhance classroom environments, with their own creative spin! Together they painted murals of things like animals, musical instruments and letters of the alphabet – igniting curiosity on every corner of the school, and displaying their newfound dedication.

“Community members came to do drawings on the walls of the early childhood centre,” shared one 13-year-old child living nearby. “This was very nice to see: the children are very happy!”

A chance to thrive in every way

When children are given the opportunities to be safe, healthy and nourished they are free to learn, grow and enjoy the most important part of childhood: happiness.

“My favourite place in our village is the school,” says Mamissa, 8.“And our little brothers and sisters are happy to go to the development centre,” she adds, already seeing the far-reaching impact of these new opportunities, for all.

“With these improvements, the whole world becomes happy.”

A boy and girl sit side by side at their desk with open books smiling.

You’re making a world of difference, that may start in school, but spans to grow far beyond it.

Thank you for your generous support!