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Yaw’s family looks forward

The saying “two steps forward, one step back” doesn’t apply to Yaw and his family.

As we say goodbye to another year, they already have one foot firmly placed in the future and all it holds, thanks to your support.

Join them as they reflect on how far you’ve helped them come, while also looking ahead to all that’s planned for the coming year!

“Life was very difficult for us prior to Community Sponsorship,” shares 32-year-old Yaw, a farmer, fisherman, and father of 3. For years, he and his wife Diana have struggled to make ends meet so they can provide for their children: twins Atsu and Atsupe, 8, and their youngest Afi, 4.

“Life can still be difficult,” he says, “but at least we are seeing changes in our lives.”

Yaw smiles big!



“At times, it is very difficult putting food on the table because our household income is very small. The rains are not reliable and it affects our crop yield.”

Thankfully, Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs), that you’ve made possible, are helping reduce some of these stresses.

“Now we’ve learned how to save the income we make – pulling together such little money out of our livelihood activities to generate a loan to borrow from,” Yaw shares.

“We never imagined it was possible.”

Today, Yaw’s savings are growing and he’s optimistic they’ll soon be able to invest, turn new profit and escape a cycle they’ve been stuck in for too long.

“We are building capital and I’m hopeful our financial challenges will change.”


“I participated in the pre-school construction and am excited about the planned primary school block for the community,” explains Yaw – a task especially close to his heart, never having had the opportunity to attend school, himself.

Today, for the very first time in their lives, all three of Yaw and Diana’s children are enrolled in school, inspiring their parents to dream big.

“We are hopeful that one day our children can become doctors and lawyers,” Yaw says, with a smile, proud to know that his children are now attending the pre-school that he helped build.

Yaw, Diana and their three young children sit on a bench outside and smile.


Health is of the utmost importance to their family, but it wasn’t always the easiest to manage. “The contaminated lake served as our main source of drinking water,” he explains.

Now, they not only understand the sanitary risks of this practice, they also have access to clean water taps – made newly available throughout the community, because of you!

“Plan International taught us to construct household latrines and take good care of our children by providing for their needs,” he shares.

“My family is healthier than ever before.”

Though, with the closest health facility still 14 km away, the health shed you’ll soon help build, is one of the most highly anticipated developments on the horizon.


Yaw has already seen how local activities you support are putting the “unity” in both “community” and “opportunity”!

“Previously, the youth in the community were not so united,” he recalls. “Now with Community Sponsorship, they’re coming together through the VSLA and there is a stronger bond among them. I’m excited youth will be supported to engage in aquaculture,” he adds, referencing the sustainable fishing projects, soon underway.

Though grateful for all that’s already been accomplished, Yaw, himself, is eager for the chance to diversify and expand his farming pursuits. He’s thrilled for the new prospects you’re making possible, and the prosperity that’s sure to come along with them.


Thanks to you, Yaw, Diana and the whole family have renewed hope as they head into an even brighter future that lies ahead, tomorrow, next year and beyond.

Yaw and Diana smile brightly at the camera.

Thank you for making this year, a year for change!

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