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Community involvement

Winter update 2012

Six months into our sponsorship in Volta, change is underway for this community and for all the children and families who live there, thanks to you. But before construction begins on infrastructure, such as clinics, schools, and wells, we're investing in the capacity of local people to take charge of their own projects and lead their own development for years to come.

That means involving community members at every stage of the development process, providing workshops, information sessions and skills training, and assisting with the creation of local civic groups so that the people of Volta can work together to break the cycle of poverty for themselves.

With your support, community members are already on the way to creating sustainable solutions to some of their most pressing issues. To address the education gap, they've created a number of local education committees to oversee new school construction, the training and hiring of teachers, and other investments to improve the quality and accessibility of education for all children.

To ensure that the children born in this remote community get birth certificates and an official identity that will protect their rights and freedoms, Volta has successfully opened up a local birth registration office, staffed by community volunteers, that has already registered over 1,500 children.

And to address gender-based poverty, local women (over 100 already) are enrolling in Village Savings and Loans groups where they are getting access to basic financial services and skills training so they can improve their incomes and better support themselves and their children.

None of this would be possible without you. Thank you for your ongoing support and stay tuned for more exciting updates from Volta!

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