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Vital improvements to community-based care

With planning underway in our expanded program areas, we’ve got a great follow up story to share with you about the construction of the new health post we mentioned last fall. Thanks to your ongoing support, that project is now complete, giving local families access to improved health care in their community.

A completed health post building

Community members can now access vital health services in the newly constructed health post.

The new health post is a place where community members can come to consult a professional community health officer, who visits the community once a week, to get more thorough check ups and a range of vital services, such as in-depth assessments and monitoring of child growth and nutrition, delivering vaccinations, confidential counseling on HIV and pre-natal care and monitoring for pregnant women.

For community health workers like Genevieve, who have been on the frontlines of health care delivery in Volta since Plan arrived five years ago, the new health post is a much-needed satellite base from which to operate in this rural community – and that alone is improving the standard of care. Now she has a place to see patients in private to monitor their health, and give advice to parents to address common (but often life-threatening) illnesses, like diarrhea, in young children, before heading out to visit other communities.

A woman consults with a patient in an office

Genevieve consults a patient in privacy

In addition to the new health post, you are also helping to improve local health through an innovative system that’s saving the lives of mothers and their babies. The Community Emergency Transport system, supported by local transport owners, provides safe transportation for pregnant mothers and children to access critical care at more distant health facilities when needed.

Community health members use a Community Emergency Transport System vehicle

The Community Emergency Transport System is saving the lives of mothers and babies in Volta.

“I started bleeding when I was about six months pregnant,” says Hajia, a local mother. “But a driver quickly got us to a clinic where I received immediate treatment that saved my pregnancy.”

Together, these improvements are bringing better health to children and families in Volta and reducing the kind of delays in seeking, reaching and receiving proper care that are so common (and far too often fatal) in remote and rural communities in Ghana.

As always, we couldn’t do it without you, our invaluable partners in community development.

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