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The pride of accomplishment

Spring update 2014

Group of smiling children

Proud of progress

I feel proud that these changes are taking place in Volta. Before, people felt very helpless, but now our communal spirit has been kindled and local participation in development is very high. We used to be looked down on by neighbouring communities, but now we get treated with respect. We are very proud of our achievements.
- Simon, fisherman and community leader

Like so many in Volta, when Simon talks about the changes that have been made in his community his eyes light up with pride. That’s because community members like him have been hands-on every step of the way, from identifying priorities and directing plans, to contributing labour and getting trained to take on the management of new community assets and services.

At the heart of Plan-funded projects, that kind of local ownership is the key to sustainability, and it’s changing lives in Volta because of your support.

The people of Volta have continued to make progress on many fronts since our last update. Highlights include:

  • Livelihood for youth
    • To help unemployed youth earn a living and remain in their community, two groups of youth have been established to receive training in aquaculture so they can start small fishing businesses that will eventually support them and their families.
  • Sanitation and hygiene
    • To improve sanitation and help keep girls in school, a new gender-separated school latrine is under construction, and will soon be complete.
    • A project to construct 20 household latrines is ramping up. To date, there have been two community meetings to discuss the timing of the project, construction materials needed and how to acquire them, and the contribution to be made by community members.
  • Gender equality and maternal and newborn health
    • Plan helped organize three radio call-in shows and trained 60 men and women as a drama troupe to help spread information throughout the community about best practices for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.
    • We also trained 120 community members as Gender Equality Champions and trained 159 local transport owners and drivers who can help get women to clinics when it’s time to deliver.

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