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The power of Peace

When Peace had a chance to enroll in Plan-sponsored training as an Early Childhood Development teacher, she jumped at it. Today she has a career she loves and is giving back by inspiring local children and parents with the power of education.

Peace teaching.

“I am a happy, proud teacher,” says Peace.

“I got involved because I want to see this community grow and develop one day,” says Peace, “and I know that can be achieved through education.”

A dedicated teacher who takes pride in her ability to creatively engage her young students and foster a love of learning, Peace is thrilled with the ongoing support she has received through Community Sponsorship, including training, skills development and Plan-supplied teaching and learning materials.

“With my enhanced skills I am able to use cards, boxes and any local materials available to create teaching and learning materials for the children. I am also able to use innovative ways to encourage the children to enjoy themselves during classes.”

Peace has been so effective at captivating the imaginations of her preschoolers that they’re now capturing the attention of the community!

“Because of my methods, children go home singing rhymes and repeating the words they’ve learned. This impresses their parents, motivating others to send their children to the school. Families now understand the value of education.”

Peace leads her classroom in activities.

Peace employs fun activities to engage students and improve learning.

The children themselves have come to love school so much that they even gather there after hours and on weekends to play with the equipment in the school yard, keeping them active, engaged and away from dangers like the local river.

“Members of the community have a dream to see all children in the community complete the highest education level possible,” reflects Peace. “I want to contribute towards the attainment of this dream by helping lay a strong foundation for the children.”

Thanks to Peace’s passion and dedication, along with your contributions, a new generation of leaders is on a path to more promising tomorrows in Volta. And because of this, shares a pride-filled Peace, “The community has renewed hope.”

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