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Meet the Children of Volta

Smiling children by the entrance of a school Smiling children by the entrance of a school
Meet Phidelia and Sandra

Phidelia (age 10) and Sandra (age 7)

"We want to be nurses," they say together when asked about their futures.Bright and outgoing, Phidelia and Sandra are sisters who share the same ambition.

With your help, investments in the community's schools and health care system will help create the educational opportunities and local health care jobs these girls need to fulfil their dreams.

Meet Vivian


Like many girls in Volta, Vivian helps with the household chores. Luckily, that has never stopped her from going to school. For a girl whose favourite subject is mathematics and wants to be a teacher, education has always been a priority – for her and her parents. But not all children are so lucky, which is why Plan has been working with the community to promote the value of education for every child.

"The big change I notice," says Vivian, "is that more children are in school."

Meet Evelyn, Vida and Abraham

Evelyn, Vida and Abraham

For many children in Volta, daily chores leave little time for school and studying. When families are struggling just to survive, kids often spend hours every day working.

For girls like Evelyn and Vida, that includes cooking, cleaning, weaving and fetching water, and for boys like Abraham, it's hours spent fishing on the river.

But without an education, there's little chance for a better life, so we've been reaching out to parents to make it more of a priority.

Today, thanks to you, Vida is in school for the first time while both Abraham and Evelyn are getting more time to study.

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