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A journey begins

Summer update 2012

It's just the beginning of Volta's journey out of poverty, and thanks to your support we've already got a wide range of initiatives under way.

At Plan, we know that real and lasting change is possible when local people get the chance to lead their own development. To that end, we've been helping the people of Volta identify their priorities and develop plans to get at the root causes of poverty for themselves and their community. To ensure that every investment we make is sustainable, we're training community members to deliver and manage their own programs, while mobilizing children and families to actively participate in efforts to improve local education, healthcare, skills, incomes and more.

Among the highlights of our first four months, we have:

  • Organized two youth groups that will provide local teens with skills in aquaculture, entrepreneurship and financial literacy so they can earn a living from fishing
  • Trained 5 community health volunteers to improve infant and maternal health services
  • Helped establish a local birth registry to ensure that children born in Volta – a long way away from government offices in the district capital – still get a birth certificate, which will protect their rights as citizens for the rest of their lives.

Following a successful meeting with Ghana Education Services, we also gained government support for the wide range of education activities we have planned. In the coming months, we'll be helping with the creation of school committees and Parent Teacher Associations to ensure local participation in the management and governance of schools, while holding sessions with parents on the importance of educating all the boys and girls in Volta.

With your support, change is happening in this community, and there is so much more to come. Stay tuned for more success stories.

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