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Laying the foundation for early education

Spring update 2013

Foundation for the new kindergarten!

Over the past months we've been working with the people of Volta to design a new kindergarten for their children, and this November, we finally broke ground! It was a morning filled with excitement as community members gathered at the construction site. Volta's leaders, members of the project committee, artisans, and dozens of community volunteers came to celebrate and start their work. Since then, about 70 local people have contributed to the construction effort on the new school.

One of them is Simon, a local fisherman and father who explains why the project is so important. "This project will give our children a decent place to learn," he says. "This will help give them a bright start to life."

Thanks to the efforts of community members like Simon and hours of their volunteer labour, the foundation for the new school has now been laid. To make it happen, local youths dug the foundation, while women and men hauled sand, stone and water from the Volta River and then mixed and poured the concrete.

Peace, a local teacher

Community members are very happy with the progress they have made so far, and by implementing and managing the project themselves, they have a strong sense of ownership and confidence in their ability to take charge of their own development.

"We are doing this for our younger brothers and sisters," says one junior high student, smiling with pride as she looks at the progress that has been made.

Peace, a local teacher agrees. "This project is dear to our hearts since it is aimed at providing a comfortable school for our little children. By giving them access to a quality education at a young age, we're building a solid foundation for their future and for the future of our community."

None of this would be possible without your partnership. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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