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Shared dreams

Like father, like son: these Volta family duos prove the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to future dreams. See how you’re sponsorship is seeding new hope that’s taking root with families, and helping children flourish.

The dream: Livelihood

Senyo and Joseph.

13-year-old Senyo (second from left) and his father Joseph (at right).

“I am hopeful that there will be improvement in the finances for my family through my participation in the VSLA,” says Joseph, a local farmer and fisherman. “My dream for my children is to see all of them go to school, complete successfully and continue to the next level,” he adds.

Like his father, 13-year-old Senyo also hopes to generate a sound income, enabling him to provide for his loved ones. “I want to be a Bank Manager when I grow up,” he says. “I hope to become rich to take care of my family.”

The dream: Education

Eric and Felix.

8-year-old Eric and his father, Felix.

“My dream for my family and children is a very positive one because committing my resources to their education and welfare, will bring success to them, and the family,” says Felix who feels strongly about the importance of education. “With the establishment and my involvement in the VSLA, my business will grow and this will enable me to take care of their needs,” he adds, confident in the changes your support is making possible.

Eric, 8, shares in his father’s passion for learning and is also driven to excel on a path of progress: “When I grow up I want to be a teacher and teach other children. My dream is to drive a car.”

The dream: Development

Michael and Ben.

9-year-old Michael (second from right) and his father, Ben (at left).

“When I grow up I want to be a pilot and earn more money to enable me to take care of my parents,” shares 9-year-old Michael. “My dream for the future is to bring development to my community and also that all children go school,” he adds.

His father, Ben, is also keen to see his community advance and wishes to help someday-pilot, Michael, and all his children spread their wings and take to the sky. “My hopes and dreams for my family and children is to work very hard, earn some money to send them to school and take care of their needs to prevent them from becoming unsuccessful due to poverty,” he says.

The dream: Shelter and protection

Confidence and Francis.

14-year-old Confidence and his father, Francis.

“My dream for my children and family is to get better accommodations to house them and ensure they get a better education and good health,” says father of three, Francis.

Following suit, 14-year-old Confidence has set his sights on a new home for his family. “When I grow up I want to be a banker because I am good at Mathematics. My dream for the future is to have my own house and car, and also take care of my parents and siblings,” he says.

The dream: Health

Godsway and Leeward.

14-year-old Godsway and his father, Leeward.

“What I want to do when I grow up is to be a medical doctor so that I can treat sick people and save lives. My dream for the future is to work hard, open my own clinic and take care of the sick and needy in society,” says Godsway, 14.

His father, Leeward, explains how this dream may be inspired by Godsway’s firsthand experience of barriers to healthcare, due to poverty and inaccessibility. “Before Plan started working in my community life was very difficult,” Leeward shares. “My children were not going to school regularly due to financial difficulties. If they were sick I found it difficult to transport them to the hospital.”

“My dream for my family and children is that I will be able to support their education and welfare,” he adds – a dream that he and his family are well on their way to achieving thanks to your sponsorship.

“The most significant changes in the life of my family is that now we know what to do to prevent sickness. Our environment is always kept clean. We also understand the importance of education and therefore my children are in school,” he says, confirming the direct impact of your support.

The reality: progress

Your generosity is forever changing the lives of Leeward, Godsway and many more children and families all across Volta. Just as these father/son duos shared their hopes for the future with you, you’re sharing with them real ways to achieve those dreams, right now.

Thank you.

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