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A smiling student in a classroom A smiling student in a classroom

Project Overview

Community map of Volta Ghana

Country Offices Programme Unit

Improve health care and maternal health

Girl stands in doorway in Volta
    • Equip health centres with medicine, scales, laboratory kits, stethoscopes and other essentials for providing proper health care.
    • Train community health workers in obstetric care and managing childhood illnesses.
    • Provide mothers and young people with knowledge and training surrounding HIV and AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Provide nutrition education and immunization services to community members, with a focus on pregnant or lactating women and children under five.
    • Raise community awareness on maternal health issues and practices.

Boost livelihood

        • Help reduce unemployment, especially for young people, by providing skills training in occupations like fish farming, which also improve food production.
        • Implement savings and loans programs to help women kick-start small businesses that will lead to sustainable income and the ability to provide for their families.

Educate on the importance of gender equality

            • Implement clubs and committees for women and girls to help give them a say in developing their community.
            • Launch a campaign to educate families and children on the importance of birth registration and raise awareness surrounding issues that affect children's rights.
            • Help the community build and establish birth registration offices.

Expand education opportunities

                • Construct an early childhood development centre and provide training for teachers to ensure children get an early start to learning.
                • Build proper teacher's accommodations to help attract qualified teachers to the community.
                • Train teachers in working with and supporting children with disabilities.
                • Plant fruit trees and orchards around schools to encourage healthy nutrition for students. Some of the fruit will be sold to generate income for the school to help fund maintenance projects, school clubs and other school programs.

Improve water access and sanitation

                    • Provide safe drinking water through specialized technology that will treat raw river water (wells can't be used because of a high salt concentration in the area).
                    • Train community members on the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene and provide them with the skills to care for and maintain their sanitation system and drinking water.
                    • Build separate sanitation facilities for boys and girls in schools to help attract girls to school and keep them there.
                    • Promote house latrine construction through a community-led project.

Your support will give the people of Volta the tools they need to help their community thrive, their families flourish and their children get the education they deserve. It's a long road ahead, but your support will make the burden lighter, the journey shorter and the destination one of hope and possibility.

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