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Perfectly ready to take on the world

If you were to travel to Volta and meet 16-year-old Perfect, you would see the impact of Community Sponsorship in the life of one girl – and you’d see the promise in the future.

Portrait of a smiling girl in Ghana

Perfect is inspiring everyone around her

With investments in the community, access to quality education is improving, and girls like Perfect are already feeling the benefits.

With the opportunity to go to school and build knowledge and self-confidence, Perfect has become an empowered young woman ready to take on the world. And with all that she’s learning by participating in a wide range of local development activities, including her school’s Rights of the Child club, she has become an impassioned young leader with an extraordinary social vision for her community and country.

Perfect is benefitting from improvements made through Community Sponsorship.

Thanks to improvements like gender-separated latrines that encourage girls to attend school, Perfect now feels more comfortable and confident.

“I want to be the President of Ghana,” she says with confidence. “I want to lead the country so that it can be free from war. I want every community to be clean so that sanitation will be better and there won’t be any sickness. Some areas around here are bushy so there are mosquitoes there. If they come and bite you, you’ll get malaria and if you are not taken to the hospital, you may die. So I want to be the female President of Ghana so that I will take care of all those things and help the country develop.”

Perfect is benefitting from improvements made through Community Sponsorship.

Perfect washes her hands at her school’s new water point

Like many girls in Volta, Perfect has benefited from:

  • Better quality education through teacher training, new teaching and learning materials, and School Management Committees that are committed to improving enrolment, especially of girls
  • Improved awareness of gender equality through community awareness campaigns
  • Increased participation of children through Rights of the Child clubs, like the one at Perfect’s school.

Positive, bright and ambitious, Perfect embodies the new hopes and possibilities that Community Sponsorship has brought to Volta, and to all the children and families here who have longed for opportunities to build a better life for themselves and their community.

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