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Paving the way for Volta’s youth

We sat down with two of Volta’s community elders who are teaming up with Plan to assist the new primary school construction project. Here’s what they had to say about the impact of Community Sponsorship and how this new school build is helping pass a brighter torch to Volta’s next generation, illuminating an even brighter future for the whole community:

John, 55
Community leader



On why he decided to get involved:

I decided to get involved because I know it will result in the development of our community and the wellbeing of our children.

Children will no longer feel reluctant going to school and will take their studies more seriously. They will see how their parents are working hard on the project. They will know that we are concerned about their welfare and that is why we are offering our labour to put up the school blocks for them, with the help of Plan.

Working with Plan on projects like this will bring about unity in the community as we undertake more selfless services in the area of communal labour to bring development.

On how it has enriched his life so far:

Beginning to work on projects with Plan has brought joy to my life. I am looking forward to the completion of the school project knowing that the children will be happy in school.

On what this means for the community:

The community members – men, women, young people and the children – are all excited about Plan being in the community because of the number of projects that are being brought into effect. We can imagine the transformation that will happen in the community at the end of all the projects.

Francis, 55
Project Management Committee Member & Financial Secretary



On why he decided to get involved:

I want to be part of the help that Plan is offering the community to bring about development. In the future when the development of our community is being discussed, I will be proud to say that I was part of it. I have realized that partnership with Plan brings about progress and, as a result, there will be improvement in the lives of community members.

On how it has enriched his life so far

The training has given me an insight into how to manage our own development initiatives. It has equipped me with the skill to keep simple accounting records and proper documentation to ensure value for money in our procurement processes and ensure a successful implementation of the project.

I have been enlightened and exposed to a new world. Going to the bank to withdraw money as a Financial Secretary to the project committee has been a new experience and made me more confident.

On what this means for the community:

As a community, we are very happy that Plan has come here to support us in our development efforts. Our children will now have a more conducive environment for learning and that is the biggest change we are hoping for. The children are now encouraged to go to school and are excited to do so.

This project will improve education of children in our community, which will – in the long term – help us break out of the cycle of poverty that we find ourselves in.

Plan has discussed with us all the projects that will be implemented in our community and it is a dream come true. People here are committed and will support every aspect of the project to ensure its successful completion.

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