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New library opens new worlds

You know that feeling when you get lost in a great book? You’re completely immersed and somehow your surroundings fade away and new worlds open up – captivating your imagination and cracking new windows of understanding wide open.

Well that’s what you’re helping Volta’s youth experience by carving out a new space for reading, enabling them to expand their view of the world – and explore all that’s possible within it.


Thank you for helping build a brand new library, stocked with over 700 books for students!

An adolescent girl reads a book in her new school library.

Ashia reads a story at the library.

“We are all happy because of the new school library and books that have been provided. Everyone wants to use the books so we all visit the library every week. This is encouraging us to develop a new passion for reading!” says Ashia, a young student and avid new reader.

Community members managed the project from construction to completion – ensuring a smooth process and continued maintenance, so children can enjoy all the library has to offer for generations to come.

Teachers and students excitedly look at the new stock of books in the library.

Teachers and community members (like those pictured here, back right) were also thrilled with the exciting supports you helped extend!

Unfortunately, recent assessments performed by Ghana’s Ministry of Education revealed a startling literacy gap across the country, with only about 30% of Grade 4 and 6 public school students being identified as proficient.

“Reading and writing are a big challenge for most students in the school. This affects academic work as they are unable to read their notes and some do not perform well in tests and assessments,” explains Mr. Gborgbor, Headmaster of the school where the library was built, and is now helping to change this.

The Headmaster sits, writes and smiles at his desk.

Headmaster, Mr. Gborgbor.

“Sometimes during examinations, I am unable to read and understand the questions,” fifth-grade-student, Mary told us. “As a result, I am unable to provide the appropriate answers, so I do not score high marks.”

That’s why, in addition to the library, you enabled teachers to improve their literacy development techniques through formal training sessions, held in partnership with the national school board – improving local education, and boosting student’s learning.

Teachers take a page out of their own books

“I participated in a two-day workshop for support in teaching language,” shares Mr. Korda, a local teacher. “We learned a number of songs, rhymes, poems and some helpful activities for introducing lessons in literacy that interest the children.”

Now, teachers like him are better equipped to make reading and writing more accessible – and more fun!

 Happy students read books in the library cubicles.

Young students enjoy some of the library’s newest offerings from their reading cubbies.

“We were taught how to use child-centered concepts, approaches, games and activities to ensure effective teaching and learning at all levels,” shared Mr. Bipka, another teacher and participant. “We even prepared materials such as sound, word and letter cards.”

Already, he’s beginning to see the effect.

“The knowledge acquired during the trainings have helped us to improve upon our delivery in the classroom,” he explains. “And – in turn – it’s helping my pupils improve.”

A new chapter

Today, students like Mary – who previously struggled with reading comprehension – feel confident in taking learning (and books!) into their own hands.

“I participate in the school level reading programs. I have also been visiting the new library to read storybooks,” she says. “There are so many books there!”

Mary sits at her desk with her notebook and smiles.

Today, Mary and hundreds more youth are taking full advantage of the library you helped create – and it’s turning the page to a brighter tomorrow for all.


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