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Meet the local Youth

A youth standing with his bicycle A youth standing with his bicycle

Thanks to the improving fortunes for their families and shifting norms around child rights and education, a day in the life of kids in Volta now includes regular attendance at school, time for homework and a chance to play with friends – once distant hopes for many.

Take a moment to meet some of those children whose lives have changed with the help of your ongoing support.

Meet Evelyn


At 17, Evelyn is close to finishing school and she credits Plan programs with helping her toward her goal of becoming a teacher.

“The children’s club activities have taught me a lot about human rights and other issues, and they’ve built my confidence. I can now stand before my peers and talk.”

Brimming with this new confidence, Evelyn looks ahead to a bright future.

Meet Joseph


Thirteen-year-old Joseph wants to be a pilot one day and says it’s not just the new buildings and roads, the visible changes, that are the most important ones for Volta.

“People now meet and discuss issues together, they attend local groups and provide labour for development projects. Lots of people now have birth certificates in the community.”

Meet Elikplim


Elikplim, 17, used to despair that there was little hope for young people like him in Volta. But now, he says, “We have a new school and families are getting by thanks to initiatives like the Village Savings and Loan.”

He has been inspired by this change, and now dreams of being a lawyer.

Meet Wisdom


Sixteen-year-old Wisdom begins the day at 4:30 am, when he goes down to the river to collect the oyster traps. And after school he’s back at it again. But his energy and enthusiasm for his studies has never been greater, thanks to all the positive changes he is seeing in his community and his growing sense of what’s possible.

“I now take my studies seriously. One day I want to be a doctor”

Meet Diana


At 15 Diana wants to be a nurse, and her concern for others is evident in what she likes most about the changes to her community.

"By working together, we’ve come together. Everyone is concerned about each other’s problems and now there is much more peace in the community.”

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