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Meet Martin

In rural Volta, most families live in remote villages without access to health clinics or trained health care workers. For pregnant women and young children, the results can be devastating, leading to high infant and maternal mortality rates. Martin, a local father and fisherman, is determined to help change that.

This past May, Martin was one of five people to receive training as a community health volunteer.

"I got involved in the project to stop women and babies from dying," says Martin, who now travels throughout his community monitoring the health of young mothers and children while providing much-needed medicine and advice.

"A big part of my work is about changing attitudes and behaviours," he says. "People now understand what they need to do to better protect their health. They are learning about family planning, basic health and hygiene, and what the dangers are for pregnant women and children under five so they know what to look for and when to get to the hospital."

Without that knowledge in the past, many of the families in Martin's village of 600 have experienced the loss of a young mother or child. But, says Martin, "The community is now able to do more to help, and people are excited by the support we're getting from Plan to address this problem."

Asked about the most meaningful part of the experience for him so far in working with Plan, Martin says, "It is how much Plan cares about the welfare of children and women."

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