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Meet Dzamah, Volta’s newest pre-school teacher

With the opening of Volta’s new pre-school, Dzamah, 26, has a great deal to feel proud about. Not only is she the school’s first teacher but she played a hands-on role in the planning and construction of the new building, donating her time and labour to make the dream of early learning here a reality.

“I am member of this community,” she says, “so I felt it was my duty to participate.”

As an early childhood education teacher, Dzamah knows how important pre-school is for student performance later on – in primary school, high school and beyond. She saw a big need for it in Volta, but, she admits, until Plan arrived the prospects of getting it were bleak.

“I had given up hope of seeing this educational foundation put in place for the children of this community,” she says. “But now, the future for children is very good.”

“This is a big dream come true in the community,” Dzamah continues. “Children between 3 and 5 will no longer just be at home. Now that parents see what a wonderful place we have, they are anxious to send them.”

Dzamah stresses how the new school is a benefit to everyone – the community, parents, herself as a teacher and, especially, the children.

“Plan’s support for the community is wonderful,” she says with a smile. “I already see how happy the children are to be here every day and learning.”

They are already on their way to a better life.

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